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ShareYourself (SYS)


ShareYourself is an open project management and social engagement platform designed from the ground up to incubate your mission-driven success.

Our bread and butter is connecting socially-impactful project creators to a community of skilled helpers.


To provide tools that transform the project planning process from a traditionally closed and isolated system, to an open and transparent process.

To nurture a like-minded community of creators and helpers to get involved as part of a tribe, and help others get over hurdles by offering their knowledge and expertise

To do good in the world, and help others do the same, one project at a time.

Closed Grants
    Every day, young people across the world engage in planet-saving activities, as a solution to the climate crisis currently facing the world. Their efforts are usually community-focused over time, and the initiatives that follow have saved people, increased agricultural outputs, conserved threatened species, sustained water resources, and even created employment opportunities for rural communities. Climate Savers Grant is a $750 grant for three "Climate Savers" working on solutions for the climate crisis, from waste management to climate action advocacy, or even conservation. Apply, and let's take action to save our planet!
    Sustainable development, seeks to address current needs while ensuring the future is secured for future generations. However, ensuring such developments are very impactful and sustainable has become a major concern for social innovators and development experts. There have been several recordable efforts across many communities across the world, where some small projects have successfully addressed what major ones have failed to do. Oftentimes, these projects are inspired from a place of community needs and their success to a large extent depended on funding, a major determinant for real social impact. This $750 grant from ShareYourself, will be awarded to any project that's currently scoring big in its community impact efforts, in a bid to bring about real social change.
  • Cultivate Against Hunger ($750)
    Despite the tremendous efforts to address the issue of poverty and hunger and poverty, over 9% (almost 700 million people) of the world population are living below the poverty line. Agriculture remains one of the most sustainable solutions to addressing the issue of poverty and hunger across the world, and in this second year of the decade of action, achieving the goal of zero hunger and poverty is extremely important. This grant calls for innovations in agriculture that focuses on food production, reduction in food waste, support to local farmers as a means to improving the local economies in communities. One grant winner will receive $750 for their project.
    As grassroots community impact continues to drive real change in improving the quality of life for many across the world, funding support for the social impact-driven projects in these communities will create lasting change for many while advancing sustainable development. Following ShareYourself’s commitment towards driving meaningful social impact across the world through consistent funding, and with the success recorded so far, we are glad to call for more grant applications for community-focused projects that are driving or have the potential to drive change. Are you working in any social impact-focused area, and do you require support in funding? We’ll award $750 to two outstanding projects focused on social impact.
  • The Giving Grant: Community Welfare ($1,600)
    With the holidays just around the corner, many families in need are becoming even more anxious about food, shelter, and even clothing for the season. In our usual giving culture, ShareYourself is relying on impact-driven users on the platform to reach these families in need, as a show of love and support. This grant is $200 for eight (8) projects committed to improving the welfare of families in their communities.
  • Impact Your Community Grant ($750)
    Grassroot social impact continues to drive community development in a number of ways, with visible and measurable impacts. As many communities across the world begin to recover from the impact of the pandemic nearly 2 years later, the need for real solutions to the myriad of growing grassroots issues cannot be overemphasized. Real change can be achieved with many passionate impact champions coming together to help one another for the benefit of their communities. Are you driving a grassroots change within your community? Do you have innovative solutions that can drive scalable impact at the grassroots? Do you need a little support to kickstart a world-changing idea? ShareYourself is here to support four different projects with $750 each through this community impact grant. All ideas and projects are welcome. Apply!
  • Women For Climate Action Grant ($1,000)
    Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of the twenty-first century, with about 80% of those displaced by Climate Change being women, according to the UN. The level of Climate Change vulnerability for women has continued to increase, especially in developing countries, where more women are responsible for providing basic daily needs for their households through direct dependence on natural resources. Following the targets of the Sustainable Development Goals of 13 - Climate Action, and 5 - Gender Equality, addressing the impacts of Climate Change in the grassroots will translate to better livelihoods, especially for women. ShareYourself, will award $1000 each to three projects that are taking Climate Action for the benefit of women, to promote gender equality and improved livelihoods in their various local communities. Priority will be given to projects driven by women for this grant.
    Following the strategic importance of the Conference of Parties (COP 26) meeting later this October, where Climate experts, campaigners, policymakers, and world leaders would debate on how to make global progress on climate change, this is a call for more climate action towards goal zero. ShareYourself is supporting Climate Savers in local communities championing Climate Action for a sustainable future, with a $1,000 grant each for 3 projects.
    As climate change continues to be one of the biggest threats to the survival of our planet, affordable and clean energy remains the sustainable way to produce and consume energy without any major impact on the environment. At the local grassroots level, the demand for energy used in cooking and heating is driving environmental degradation arising from deforestation, which accelerates the impacts of climate change in these local communities. Therefore, in our own efforts to make meaningful contributions towards mitigating climate change, we will be giving 3 projects $1,000 apiece, to deploy clean energy options in their community for the benefit of all.
  • Climate Savers Grant ($1,000)
    The race for Climate Action isn't just for environmental concerns due to loss of biodiversity, or change in weather patterns. Economic systems also are severely impacted by climate change. The consequences are that livelihoods are lost, causing even more hardship for local communities that otherwise would have been self-sufficient. Are you a Climate Saver in your community? Are you doing amazing things geared towards impacting social, economic, and environmental change in your community, while taking Climate Action? ShareYourself will support 5 impactful users working in climate change space with $1,000 each.
  • Support for the family and friends of Fonkochon my hometown ($0)
    Wanna bring some shine on their hard time it’s a way for me to give back to my hometown. They need us
  • Mangroves For Climate Action ($1,000)
    As mangroves continue to takes a centre stage in our efforts at achieving net-zero, more investment must be made in supporting nature-based solutions towards addressing the climate crises. Mangrove protection and reforestation are very critical towards building sustainable green and blue economies that not only translate to climate action but also support life on land and life below water. ShareYourself, in her commitment to helping the world achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, will be supporting three existing mangrove projects across the world with $1,000 each, as a means towards achieving a carbon-neutral world by 2050.
    As the girl child continues to face some cultural challenges in some local communities, making it difficult for her to attain some level of growth in the society, we will support development organizations and individuals working to support and inspire the girl child towards achieving gender equality, as well as inspiring them to change the world from their communities. This grant from ShareYourself is worth $500 each for 3 winners.
    As the world gradually returns to normalcy following a global pandemic, many victims are still grappling with their losses. Others are victims of natural disasters which have left in their wake, displaced people in different regions of the world, all of which need some form of support to get going. Do you know any victims of natural disasters or social issues in your community? Are you currently supporting them or intend to do so? ShareYourself is giving $200 each to 10 projects working to address these issues.
    Adopting sustainable agricultural systems, that allow for increasing agricultural productivity and sustainable food production, are crucial to help alleviate the perils of hunger. Following the global pandemic which caused some parts of the world to experience some food crisis, following the lockdowns, building sustainable agricultural systems has become very important towards achieving food security, as a means towards SDG2 - Zero Hunger. For young and old farmers employing agricultural innovations and sustainable practices in food production, ShareYourself will award $1,000 each to 3 agricultural projects, to help in promoting food security.
    Advocacy has always been a powerful tool for influencing change in various sectors of society. As the call for ClimateAction is amplified, individuals and organizations who are conscious about environmental sustainability are tasked with raising their voices through education, public awareness campaigns, and negotiations to call on leaders and fellow citizens to Act Now towards achieving Net Zero by 2050. At ShareYourself, we will continue to support Climate Advocates in amplifying their voices towards calling for Climate Action in their communities worldwide through grants such as this. This is a $200 grant each, for 10 Climate Advocates to help amplify their voices.
    According to a recent UNESCO report, children in Africa are going to school more than ever before. Unfortunately, data shows that inequalities and inefficiencies remain in these critical sectors despite the success in enrollment. One of such inefficiencies is low-quality teaching and learning, especially in rural communities, where many factors keep children from getting quality education in line with the sustainable development goal SDG 4 - Quality Education. ShareYourself in its commitment to social impact at the grassroots will give $500 each to 3 outstanding project teams, working to improve quality education in their communities, by offering their skills in the classroom.
  • WATER FOR ALL GRANT ($1,000)
    The lack of clean water in many rural communities has been linked to poor hygiene and also outbreaks of diseases such as cholera. According to the United Nations, about 2.2 billion people live without access to safe water. This grant aims to tackle the global water crisis, in line with SDG 6 - Clean Water And Sanitation. ShareYourself, through this Water For All Grant, will give 3 projects $1,000 each to help them provide water in any rural community where there is an ongoing water crisis.
  • Stop The Resurgence Grant ($500)
    As the world systems begin to resume back to normal after being hard hit by a global pandemic last year, many other countries are still struggling with the resurgence of covid-19. Unfortunately, this time, a more advanced strain is threatening the good health and well-being of millions of lives in different countries across continents. ShareYourself was one of the first organizations in the world to provide small grants - to individuals and organizations - at the grassroots level to help #FlattenTheCurve in 2020. ShareYourself is very much concerned about the resurgence of the coronavirus in the current third and fourth waves in various parts of the world, hence this grant. ShareYourself will be selecting 10 projects from either Haiti, Nigeria, or Uganda to receive $500 each towards fighting hard to stop the resurgence of Covid-19 in their local communities.
  • #ShareYourEcosystem Grant ($200)
    We challenge you to take a bold step to Reimagine, Recreate and Restore the environment, especially for the benefit of the ecosystems. Once you make your impact, post a video or photos to social media with #ShareYourEcosystem and tag ShareYourself. Then, signup on ShareYourself and start the project, using our project management tools to manage your project, apply for the grant, and raise funding for your project by activating the donate button on your project. 15 winners will be selected, and each winner will receive $200 each. Let’s have some fun with the environment. Happy World Environment Day!
  • Reimagine, Recreate & Restore The Ecosystem Grant ($3,000)
    As human activities continue to exploit and destroy our planet’s ecosystems, the loss of forests and peatlands is greatly robbing the earth of carbon sinks, which help keep the earth’s temperature normal. The call to Reimagine, Recreate and Restore the world’s ecosystem in this year’s World Environment Day (WED2021,) by the United Nation, also re-echoes the Sustainable Development Goals. At ShareYourself, our commitment to helping the world achieve these Global Goals through Ecosystem Restoration is the major goal of this grant. ShareYourself will be funding any project that Reimagines, Recreates and Restores the Ecosystem of a local community that has been affected by human activities or Climate change, through this $3,000 grant, for one winner only.
  • Drone Education Granted Sponsored by Dronedek ($1,000)
    Helping to fund education programs based around Drones, Robotics and other innovation.
  • Climate Action For Islands - Haiti ($500)
    As natural, and human-induced climate impacts island nations such as Haiti, building sustainable climate resilience is very essential towards supporting local livelihoods, especially as the country continues to rise through the Covid pandemic. ShareYourself is supporting locals in Haiti to take Climate Action with this $500 grant each, for 3 winners, to build back from the impact on Covid-19, especially as it has affected their environment due to the worsening Climate Crisis.
  • Africa Rotary Grant ($2,000)
    Rotary Clubs across the world bring lasting change through community focused projects that impact humanity, ShareYourself is inspired to support local Rotary Clubs in Africa, working in the following Rotary focus areas; - Providing Clean Water - Sanitation and Hygiene - Supporting Education - Protecting The Environment Three different Rotary Clubs will each receive $2,000 to implement service projects in their immediate communities. The Rotary Clubs must create a ShareYourself project and manage their project on both before and after funding. ShareYourself will also work with these clubs to ensure that such projects are sustainable.
  • Uganda Wildlife Conservation Grant ($1,000)
    Wildlife conservation in Uganda calls for urgent action especially due to the current threats to the survival of wildlife and nature. The loss of forest cover due to illegal logging, agriculture, and deforestation leaves Uganda at a high risk of losing forest epidemics and wildlife. Pollution and poaching continue to put Wildlife at risk even in protected areas. This grant is a call for innovative ideas that protect wildlife and ecosystems within Uganda. Are you working towards the conservation of ecosystems, wildlife protection, and community awareness in Uganda? Apply today and create a difference. There will be 3 winners for this grant
  • Youth Save the Planet ($500)
    The world climate crisis has prompted a massive youth movement for Climate Action, unfortunately, not so much awareness has been created for the younger generation. For Climate Advocacy to be considered sustainable, the younger generation (under 18) are expected to be educated, aware, and taking action on climate change. ShareYourself wants to inspire young people in primary and secondary schools towards Climate Action by funding their ideas, innovations and actions geared towards Climate Action through a $500 grant for 6 winning applicants. The project creator can either be an individual student, student groups, or even an entire classroom. This grant will require that each young applicant under the age of 18 must have an adult as his/her team guide, to help with the project management, without any further influence on the project. The adult is only a helper and should not have too much of an influence on your project, we expect the youth to lead and manage the project.
  • Innovate Against Climate Change Uganda ($500)
    Climate Change in Uganda has created adverse weather patterns such as prolonged drought periods in the northern region, over flooding in Lake Victoria and land degradation in many parts of the country. This grant calls for innovative proposals in creating climate resilience in local communities. Are you taking action in any of these areas: - Waste Management - Environmental Conservation and Education. - Sustainable Agriculture / Landuse ShareYourself is giving out a $500 grant each, to six (6) persons taking innovative actions against Climate Change in Uganda.
  • Save the Earth for Nature ($500)
    As global temperatures rise, sovereign states, organizations, and individuals are pledging Climate Action towards achieving net-zero by 2030. ShareYourself is strengthening individual and collective innovative Climate Action efforts, through this campaign to Save the Earth for Nature. We believe that grass-roots efforts, targeted specifically, towards addressing the Climate Crisis at the local level, have a huge impact on the quality of lives and the environment in those communities. Are you taking Climate Action with any project in your community? Then apply for this grant, let's save nature. We will be choosing 6 grant winners who will each be receiving $500 for their projects to Save the Earth for Nature.
  • Share A CODE For Community Grant ($1,000)
    For a changing world where human resilience has been tested over and again, we have come to realize that the health and hygiene of a community affect its overall balance. As the world tries to achieve Global Goals especially at the grassroots level, sustainable development is now at the heart of everything we do. Connected Development (CODE) in Collaboration with ShareYourself seeks to fund 3 local projects around the world, focused on either of these following areas with $1,000 each: COVID 19 risk communication, Menstrual Hygiene Management, or Waste Management.
  • ShareYourLove ($200)
    This Valentine's day we want to help relieve stress for people in your community through acts of kindness. We want you to show your appreciation and love for members in your community who have been struggling and we will provide the funding to accomplish this. Here are some fun examples of acts of kindness: - Provide meals to front line service workers - The donation of livestock to families - Painting a mural for children at a community center. We are not going to be as strict in regard to completion of project requirements, however we want to make sure that the winners of these grants are going to be honest and use their funds in a genuine and generous way. There will be 5 grant winners who will receive $200 each for their projects. We will announce the winners of this grant on February 9th, we will select the best and most creative projects.
  • Make a difference: Homemade Masks ($200)
    After the holidays it is suspected that there will be more COVID-19 cases in many parts of the world. In an effort to help mitigate the spread we have decided to offer a grant dedicated specifically towards mask making. For this grant we would like to pick one winner from any one country unless we do not get enough applications from many parts of the world. We are hoping to have 5 total winners from 5 different countries.
  • Climate Change: Nature-Based Solution Grant ($1,000)
    The continuous rise in the loss of biodiversity in the environment attributed to climate change is overwhelming. Across the world, nature-based solutions in fighting climate change continue to provide hope towards achieving one of the critical sustainable development goals - Goal 13:Climate Action. Through ShareYourself’s commitment towards achieving the Climate Action, this is an open grant seeking to support grassroots efforts across the world, at a Climate change Mitigation using Nature-Based Solution. There will be 3 total winners for this grant.
  • The Giving Grant: Hunger, Education, and Wellbeing ($200)
    Recognizing how taxing the holidays can be on communities, we have made it our mission to give back, and this time we are including you in this decision. We want to help relieve this stress for people in your community. For this grant, the winner must use all of their funds to give back to their community through hands-on direct aid projects. Here are some examples of hands-on projects: - Hand-made up-cycled ornaments / holiday decorations for families - The donation of livestock to families. - Handing out toys to less fortunate children. Since this grant is focused on the applicant giving, we are not going to be as strict in regard to completion of project requirements, however we want to make sure that the winners of these grants are going to be honest and use their funds in a genuine and generous way. There will be 15 grant winners who will receive $200 each, all of the grant applicants who have real projects with real plans will be put into a raffle where all of the winners will be selected randomly. The deadline to apply for this grant will be December 17th, we will select winners on December 20th.
  • Climate Action Grant 2 ($1,000)
    The climate emergency threatens ecosystems, societies, and economies. These challenges require innovative responses. ShareYourself is taking a stand against climate change by supporting innovative projects that are mitigating the crisis and working to ensure that our planet is a thriving home for all living beings for generations to come. This is an open-call grant for innovative projects all over the world.
  • Climate Action Grant ($1,000)
    The climate emergency threatens ecosystems, societies, and economies. These challenges require innovative responses. ShareYourself is taking a stand against climate change by supporting innovative projects that are mitigating the crisis and working to ensure that our planet is a thriving home for all living beings for generations to come. This is an open-call grant for innovative projects all over the world.
  • Between COVID and the Classroom ($1,000)
    Almost 90% of the world’s countries have shut their schools in an effort to slow the transmission of COVID-19. For most of these students, school closures are temporary; they have access to quality education and distance learning; and their education and ambitions for the future will continue after the crisis. But an estimated 20 million in developing countries may never go back to the classroom. Right now, the world’s most vulnerable communities are not able to access quality education and distance learning opportunities. ShareYourself is taking a stand to help shape the global response to ensure that education is a central focus of response efforts. We are providing (3) $1,000 grants to anyone working on education-based projects with a focus on bringing education to youth in the face of the global pandemic.
  • COVID Response Grant - West Africa ($500)
    As the effects of COVID continue to spread, ShareYourself is taking a stand with those on the front lines providing relief and solutions in their communities. SYS is offering one grant of $500 to any project that is actively taking steps to respond to COVID in their community.
  • Fight For The Future ($500)
    This is a grant for one participating team of the Unite 2030 "Fight For the Future" Hackathon.
  • COVID-19: Flatten the Curve Africa ($500)
    COVID19 is rapidly changing our day to day and is impacting nations worldwide. SYS is offering two grants of $500 each to any project that is actively taking steps to aid their community through these times of uncertainty.
  • The Climate Solution Grant 2 ($500)
    This grant is for any project/start up that is striving to make a difference and end climate change
  • América Latina Contra del Cambio Climático / Latin America Against Climate Change ($500)
    Según una encuesta del 2019, el cambio climático global continúa clasificándose como la principal preocupación entre los países latinoamericanos. Esta subvención es para apoyar proyectos que respondan a la emergencia climática <> Per a 2019 survey, global climate change continues to rank as the top concern among Latin American countries. This grant is to support projects responding to the climate emergency.
  • The Climate solution grant ($500)
    This grant is for any project/start up that is striving to make a difference and end climate change
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