About us

ShareYourself is an online space that helps do-gooders learn, practice, and operate like entrepreneurs, to make it easier to move their ideas to success.

Plenty of people have amazing ideas, but so few of us have all the skills and resources to turn them into something real. ShareYourself (SYS) is an online platform and worldwide community that brings together people who are ready to make a difference, but aren't sure where to start.

SYS is unlike any other do-good platform. We actually help you create new projects, or join up with an existing project, by focusing on sharing valuable skills and passions. Project creators provide the idea and motivation, and SYS will provide everything you need - access to a Team of like-minded people and their skills, fundraising strategies, social media integration, coordination, a network of potential funders, advice from experts, and more - to go from idea, to successful, world-changing project.

Meet our team

Stu McGowan

Founder / CEO

Stu has been a serial entrepreneur since age 8, when he discovered a cool new eraser, one that was basically putty that erased. He then sold it to his elementary school friends, and was immediately bitten by the entreprenurial bug. Now, nearly 50 years later, Stu has founded many socially missioned companies, from the NoodleHead Network (social impact videos made by kids, for kids), to ShoeLess Konstruction (teaching kids and young adults how to renovate dilapidated buildings into affordable housing).

He "retired" some years ago to found ShareYourself, to bring to the world the tools to make social change, and help our SYS community become entrepreneurs, if that’s the direction they want to go.

Kingsley Adindu

Head of African Operations

Kingsley C. Adindu is a Social Development Expert and an SDGs “Actvocate”, who is passionate about teaching kids the Global Goals using his volunteer-based “SDGs for Kids” project as a platform, in Nigeria.

He has a background in Geography and Urban Planning, and a career in Health safety and Environment. Actively involved in environmental advocacy, Kingsley uses social media platforms to voice environmental challenges in Nigeria, Africa and beyond. He is currently leading a campaign to #SaveNigerianMangroves across Nigeria's coastline while also working to help local coastal communities create sustainable livelihoods and turn the challenges of climate change into opportunities.

With his spare time, Kingsley volunteers for several causes and whenever the sun kisses the skyline at dusk, you will most likely find him writing poetry of love and the environment. Alot of his “undefined poetry” begs to be published.