APRIL 2018

We officially launched out Version2 of the SYS platform on April 9th, 2018.  We have an active group of beta testers that are helping us to test our platform.  Users have proposed their projects and are actively working on their projects, both online and offline.  Users are engaging and supporting each others to move the projects forward.

We are concluding our first round of beta testing by July 1st.  The second round of testing will begin shortly after we analyze our data and implement all the great feedbacks we received.

If you are interested in joining our platform as a beta tester, go sign up at beta.shareyourself.org

October 2017

ShareYourself.org (SYS) has received first round funding and has joined forces with VSECU, a Vermont-based credit union, to beta test the ShareYourself idea and platform.

        1.  The SYS build team is looking for project CREATORS; people who have project ideas that they’d like to turn into reality. Creators will propose, design, and implement a project, with the help of our team, and their local communities. No experience necessary, you just need a good idea, and SYS will help make it happen.

             Specifically, we’re looking for projects that will improve local public spaces in your community.  For example: neighborhood gardens, murals, little league improvements, pocket park creation, permanent horticulture, and anything else that you can dream of.

        2.  Also, we’re assembling a team of EXPERTS, which we’re calling the RAPID RESPONSE TEAM (RRT), to assist project creators to rapidly go from project creation to completion, by answering questions and giving advice based on their area of expertise.  Join us as an expert, if you are knowledgeable in the following areas: Fundraising,Ombudsman for VT state/local government, Handyman, Landscaping, Finance, Community/Group Organizing, Media-Marketing/Social Media/Print, Gardening/Permaculture, Art/Painting/Design, SuperConnector-connects people, happenings, enterprises in hyperlocal scenarios

October 2015

The ShareYourself Hackathon was successful, we brought together all our Dream Team, and after 8 days of intense hacking, we created V 1.0 of our platform.  The next step is to beta test the platform.

September 2015 

We successfully exceeded our KickStarter campaign goal, and raised nearly $16,000! Check out our KickStarter video below.