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Beta Testing Runs Until July 1, 2018


We are assembling a team of experts called the Rapid Response Team (RRT).  The role of the RRT is to assist project creators to overcome obstacles as they work to bring their projects to fruition by answering questions and giving advice to the project creators.  

Our beta test focuses on improving local public spaces in Vermont communities, such as: neighborhood gardens, murals, little league improvements, pocket park creation, permanent horticulture, and anything else project creators can dream up. 

We’re looking for highly knowledgeable people in the following fields to assist our project creators as they build their projects:  

  • Fundraising
  • Ombudsman for VT state/local government
  • Handywoman/handyman/carpenter
  • Landscaping
  • Financial Organization
  • Community/Group organizing
  • Media-Marketing/Social Media/Print
  • Gardening/Permaculture
  • Art/Painting/Design

The time commitment is no more than 5 hrs per week. This beta testing will occur mostly online. The important thing is being able to sign on and interact with the projects.

Our beta test time frame runs from November 1st 2017 to July 1st 2018.  In these 5 months, we want to observe how projects will interact with the RRTs, what questions and roadblocks they will face, how effective they will be with RRTs for the projects, and so forth.  We want to be in touch with you regularly to understand your experience to better improve the platform.  

If you’re ready to join a Rapid Response Team, please fill out the form below.

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