Become a Project Creator

Beta Testing Runs Until July 1, 2018


For our first beta testing round, we are aiming to keep our test small and simple, yet impactful to your communities in Vermont.  Therefore, we are looking for projects that will improve local public spaces in your community.  For example:

Creators will propose, design, and implement a project, with the help of our team, and their local communities. No experience necessary, you just need a good idea, and SYS will help make it happen.  

Project creators will work closely with our team of experts, to rapidly go from project creation to conclusion. ShareYourself needs your participation and feedback, to help us shape the platform to provide a better experience for you and future project creators.

Our beta test time frame runs from November 1st 2017 to July 1st 2018.  In these 5 months, we want to observe the rate in which your project moves through the steps to be successful, your process in bringing your vision to reality, the way you utilize the Rapid Response Team, and more.  We want to be in touch with you regularly to provide support as well as seek to understand your experience to better improve the platform.  

If you are ready to propose a project, please fill out the form below.

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